Kurt Jackson Artist Cornwall

Kurt Jackson Artist Cornwall

Kurt Jackson Artist Cornwall I’ve been meaning to write about Kurt Jackson for ages. I’ve just come back from his St. Just Cornwall gallery where he’s recently held an exhibition ‘Bees (and the odd wasp) in my bonnet’ and now ‘Cot – Cornish Valley’.  Kurt Jackson Artist Cornwall. Obviously because of (c) Copyright provisions – I’m careful about copying his works for this blog – so hence – my photographs of some of his catalogues that I own. Reader – do please visit his website Kurt Jackson. Nobody captures the grandeur, beauty, drama, spirit of Cornwall as well as Kurt Jackson. Stylistically his pictures are ‘open’ – they invite you in as a participant, the scenes pour out to you,  drawing you in to be an integral part of the sea or landscape. Kurt Jackson Artist Cornwall Movement is there, … Continue reading Kurt Jackson Artist Cornwall

Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London

Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London   When I visited this exhibition my immediate reaction was – those eyes are looking out at me gazing back at them. Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London:   What is going on? What did I make of the works?                     That figure is drawing me in, inviting me to participate in what’s going on.                   Aesthetically pleasing? Somewhat. Colourful, story-telling? Somewhat. Embarrassment and challenging my beliefs, values, preconceptions, perspectives on life, society and roles, gender, transgender? Certainly.   That’s what I believe is Grayson’s achievement: he encourages you to reflect, to question where you’re coming from, to challenge your views, prejudices, hang ups.       To ask yourself ‘why am I reading into this work such and such’ … Continue reading Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London

Stanhope Forbes, Penlee Cornwall Exhibition

Penlee Art Gallery Cornwall

Stanhope Forbes, Penlee Cornwall A thoroughly enjoyable visit to the fantastic current exhibition at Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Penzance, Cornwall gave me an opportunity to study and ponder on the works of one of Cornwall’s greatest late 19/early 20th Century artists. Stanhope Forbes, Penlee Cornwall Stanhope Forbes (1857 – 1947) accredited as being the ‘father’ of the Newlyn School of Art from around 1880s to the 20th Century. Henry Scott Tuke, Elizabeth Forbes, Charles Napier, Walter Langley, Frank Bramley and Alfred Munnings were amongst the artists enjoying working in Newlyn at this time. Stanhope Forbes, Penlee Cornwall To try and understand Forbes’ works I concentrated my study on 4 of his earlier works:                                     These works seemed to me to typify Forbes fulfilling … Continue reading Stanhope Forbes, Penlee Cornwall Exhibition

Norwegian Art Bergen Kode

Norwegian Art Bergen Kode

Norwegian Art Bergen Kode. My wife and I visited the Bergen Kode Art Gallery in June 2017. Norwegian Art Bergen Kode For the price of a couple of coffees we were treated to excellent examples of Norwegian art. These works were displayed chronologically in respect of the date of the piece and the art movements that were prevalent at the time. Norwegian Art Bergen Kode It is an excellent exhibition to guide the viewer through Romanticism to Modernism concluding with a concentration on the work of Edvard Munch. Whilst there was no ‘Scream’ many of Munch’s other works, some well-known for example ‘Jealousy’ gave a very clear and precise story of this artist’s valuable contribution to visual art, in particular an interpretation of emotions and psychology. Earlier Norwegian artists seemed to be very influenced by the German Romantic movement. For … Continue reading Norwegian Art Bergen Kode

William H Singer Jr Olden Norway


William H Singer Olden Norway It’s always a delight when one encounters an unexpected joy. William H Singer Olden Norway William Henry Singer Jr (1868 – 1943) … … was the wealthy son of an American steel magnate who decided to buy a house in a small town called Olden at the end of Nordfjorden in Norway. William H Singer Olden Norway He and his wife Anna spent their time in Olden between their travels back and forth to his home of Pennsylvania and also Holland. Whilst in Norway, Singer produced a substantial quantity of Norwegian landscape paintings. Many of which can still be seen on the walls and lying about in his studio, almost as he left them. William H Singer Jr perhaps could not claim to have been a major contributor to the Western avant-garde art canon, but … Continue reading William H Singer Jr Olden Norway

Alberto Giacometti Tate Modern London

Me, myself … alone – Alberto Giacometti at the Tate Modern – Existentialism and Nobility of Humanity Wandering through the Alberto Giacometti exhibition, I reflected on my initial thought: ‘the monumentality of mankind within a monumental landscape’. The landscape – an anonymous block with the figure standing forth. Giving the landscape an identity and purpose, a narrative:  ‘Small Man on a Base’ completed whilst he was stranded in Switzerland with his mother in Geneva 1939 – 45. Me, myself … alone – Giacometti Tate Modern London Existentialism Nobility Humanity Returning to his beloved Paris after the War and leaving his earlier Surrealist work behind, Giacometti  embarked on the works that he is most well-known for, his ‘stick’ figures. To me Giacometti epitomises the Existentialist movement prevalent in Paris at the time. Jean-Paul Sartre … … Simone de Beauvoir and friends meeting at the … Continue reading Alberto Giacometti Tate Modern London

England’s Sistine – A Walk Through

Greenwich Painted Hall Ceiling England's Sistine

Fantastic opportunity to view at close quarters the Greenwich Painted Hall Ceiling England’s Sistine. London Old Royal Naval College. Greenwich Painted Hall Ceiling England’s Sistine The Greenwich Painted Hall Ceiling England’s Sistine was painted by Sir James Thornhill between 1708 and 1727. It has been described as ‘England’s Sistine’. It lives up to expectations. Greenwich Painted Hall Ceiling England’s Sistine   Now that the Hall’s ceiling is being cleaned and restored, tonnes of scaffolding allow visitors to get close to the painting and view what a masterpiece this is. I visited in early May 2017 and was able to gaze from inches away the outstanding contribution that Sir James Thornhill … … was able to make to British art. Thornhill and his assistants used oil on dry plaster applied by master plasterer Henry Dogood (so not a fresco). The images reflect the … Continue reading England’s Sistine – A Walk Through

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall – You’ve got to make the effort to see this exhibition. Artists Afloat Henry Scott Tuke and Charles Napier Hemy were well known and successful artists in late Victorian times, based in and around Falmouth Cornwall UK . Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall contains many of their works. Liberty: I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some of the artists’ ‘golden sections’ and superimposing on my snaps of the area. This is to place the paintings within their original context to ‘bring them alive’ to our contemporary gaze. To stand (or float) where the artists were, to gain some feel of empathy, of communication across the years. Atmospheric, daunting, exciting, fearful, man against, exploiting, enjoying and working with the elements: depicting the sea and those who lived by it and worked on it: mariners, fisher-people, dock workers. Times … Continue reading Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall

Gethesemine & Good Friday Caravaggio & Sebastiano

Michelangelo Sebastiano National Gallery

Gethesemine Good Friday Caravaggio Sebastiano Dramatic events 2000 years ago. Gethesemine Good Friday Caravaggio Sebastiano Whatever your religious convictions there’s still a message here for us all. Read how the artists Caravaggio … Caravaggio ‘The Taking of Christ’ A dramatic episode in the Bible now vividly brought to life by Caravaggio’s depiction of intense movement snapped in time, flowing robes contrasted with steel armour, twisted bodies, flailing arms, clasping hands, strained necks and eyes staring, closed, defeated sadness, aggression and total involvement in the action. So far so good. Now look at the lighting. We know that Jesus was betrayed and arrested at night in Gethsemane. So, Caravaggio’s scene is set at night, there’s no background lighting. The blackness is intense. There’s no other scenery or settings. It brings the picture forward to us, spilling into your view. Now look closely at the source … Continue reading Gethesemine & Good Friday Caravaggio & Sebastiano

Royal Academy London: The Russians – ‘Revolution’

Royal Academy London: The Russians – ‘Revolution’. The Americans – ‘After the Fall’ Compare and contrast two completely different political systems. Discuss! Russia and America: same era. Compare and contrast two completely different political systems. Russians Americans Collectivism Individualism Well done the Royal Academy for bringing these exhibitions together at the same time. Russians Americans Collectivism Individualism. A fantastic opportunity to compare and contrast not only the art but also the political, social and economic situation and circumstances of 2 completely different countries. Both in the same era -1917 to the 1940s. Russians Americans Collectivism Individualism The distinct impression gained from the Russians is one of promised utopia but soon to come repression, economic failure, rigid state control and collectivism. A total destruction of freedom. The loss of individual identity. The American depression of the 1930s saw the state intervening … Continue reading Royal Academy London: The Russians – ‘Revolution’