Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London

Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London


When I visited this exhibition my immediate reaction was Рthose eyes are looking out at me gazing back at them. Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London:


What is going on?

What did I make of the works?

Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London
The EU Debate: do I agree with his referendum vote? If not – how do I feel about him?


Matching Pair Leavers


Matching Pair Remainers



Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London
Maybe I have more in common with her. Is there more that unites us than divides us? There’s a question!







That figure is drawing me in, inviting me to participate in what’s going on.


Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery london
Reclining Artist Grayson Perry self-portrait. What do I make of this and why? What are my reactions and reflections saying about me?









Aesthetically pleasing? Somewhat. Colourful, story-telling? Somewhat. Embarrassment and challenging my beliefs, values, preconceptions, perspectives on life, society and roles, gender, transgender? Certainly.


Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London
Our Mother. Invites you to question motherhood?Maybe. 3rd world? Neo-liberalism/globalisation and all it’s consequences? Perhaps. Do you wish to be challenged on these issues?

That’s what I believe is Grayson’s achievement: he encourages you to reflect, to question where you’re coming from, to challenge your views, prejudices, hang ups.




To ask yourself ‘why am I reading into this work such and such’ ‘am I embarrassed by certain images and hence ‚Ķ why?’


‘What is it about my perspectives on this subject matter; that image, this figure, those eyes, these devices … that is causing me to force myself to look (why am I not comfortable?), to identify my value judgements and maybe question them?’


‘What is it about me and where I’m coming from?



Grayson Perry Serpentine London
Object in Foreground. Grayson’s pitch on the financial world: bankers, Thatcher, neo-liberalism etc. Phallic masculinity challenged

I’m drawn into the works to then look back at me through the works’ eyes, and try to get a greater understanding of myself. And then I can accept what I see within myself or reject it – am I being true or false … to myself?










Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London
Death of a Working Hero. Macho culture exposed or what is expected of men – heroism, masculinity, leadership, fighting spirit. Women – caring and emotional. What do I think of society’s expectations and labelling?

That’s my interpretation of Grayson Perry’s achievement.

Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London