Café Sip and Paint

Grab a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in another and create your own version of a famous iconic painting. Whether you’re an expert artist or a complete beginner discovering your artistic potential, this is for you… Café Sip and Paint. Easy-to-follow guidance through the process of creating the famous masterpiece. This will be following a short talk about the painting: who created it, how it was done, where and when, then off you go. Freestyle, using a cut out template, following a grid or simply brushing paint colours onto a ready-made sketch, the choice is yours. ‘Café’ music in the background, wine or soft drink in your glass. Have fun and a few laughs with other like-minded people. You’ll be going home with something to be proud of. One person said, ‘I’ve not picked up a … Continue reading Café Sip and Paint

Vincent’s Sunflowers Sip & Paint

Grab a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other and create your own version of Vincent van Gogh’s iconic sunflowers. Vincent’s Sunflowers Sip & Paint The ARC Winchester. (booking essential – click here) Friday July 5th 2024. 6.30 – 9.00 I will lead you step by step through the process of recreating this famous masterpiece. Vincent’s iconic series of sunflower pictures were created in 1888 and 1889 and are renowned for their vibrant colours and expressive brushwork. Depicting bouquets of locally grown sunflowers in various stages of bloom, these pictures epitomise Vincent’s creative genius to infuse ordinary subjects with profound emotion and intensity. Discover your artistic potential with easy-to-follow instructions whatever your ability and art skill levels. You decide whether you’d like to free-style, use a template, a grid or simply paint into a sketch. … Continue reading Vincent’s Sunflowers Sip & Paint

Harold Harvey Penlee House Cornwall

Welcome to Penlee House Penzance Cornwall where in June 2024 there is a fantastic exhibition of the artist Harold Harvey. Harold Harvey Penlee House Cornwall Harold Harvey (1874-1941) was a British painter known for his Impressionist-style works depicting scenes of everyday life in Cornwall, England. He was part of the New School, a group of artists based in the fishing village of Newlyn who were known for their plein air painting and focus on rural and coastal subjects. Harvey’s paintings often featured local fishermen, harbour scenes, and intimate portraits of his family and friends. His work is characterized by loose brushwork, vibrant colours, and a sense of immediacy and intimacy. Today, Harvey is considered one of the leading figures of the Newlyn School and his paintings are highly sought after by collectors. Enjoy browsing through the rest of the pictures … Continue reading Harold Harvey Penlee House Cornwall

Vincent’s Starry Night – DIY

Vincent’s Starry Night – DIY : This is what enjoying art should be all about! A very enthusiastic group of all ages, abilities and backgrounds joined together at Winchester’s ARC to recreate their own unique version of Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’. And the next event: ‘Sunflowers’. To really appreciate a piece of art, nothing is better than to study it for a couple of hours whilst  creating your own version of it. The details emerge. The enjoyment of the colours is exuberant. The tools that Vincent used, the brush strokes, the types of layering of paint, all is revealed for those with a spirit of adventure who delve deep into Vincent’s style and technique. And ‘have a go myself’. Helped by a glass or two of wine whilst in the background listening to French café music. This is … Continue reading Vincent’s Starry Night – DIY

Norman Rockwell Artist

Norman Rockwell Artist – has to be one of my favourite artists. ‘Artist!??’ I hear you academic art historians say? “He’s not an artist he’s simply an illustrator” I can visualise stuffy old art lecturers say. And I’ve sat through may of them and come away with nothing gained. Wrong. At least as far as modern contemporary art aficionados and commentators are concerned. For many years I’ve been planning and anticipating visiting Norman Rockwell’s hometown and museum in Stockbridge Massachusetts. At long last in May 2024 this came true, and everything lived up to expectation. The museum gallery is a splendid stately pillared building, and it holds of course many of Rockwell’s original art works as well as a complete collection of his ‘Saturday Evening Post’ magazine covers, which of course made him famous. The most stimulating and in my … Continue reading Norman Rockwell Artist

American Impressionism

Travelling on our road trip to New England May 2024, we discovered a marvellous Heritage Museums at Cape Cod Mass. American Impressionism Drop in to this site to see what the museum is all about, but this blog is all about the art exhibition being held at the museum covering the work of American Impressionism. many of the works displayed are from more recent times so not really representing the actual movement which was from the late 19th Century towards the late 1020s. Nevertheless, a great display of works of that time through to more recent artists influenced by that period. Here is a small selection of works on display at the museum. American Impressionism was of course inspired by the French Impressionist movement. It sought to capture the effects of light and colour using light brushwork and a bright … Continue reading American Impressionism

Mass MoCA Debt Forever

Mass MoCA Debt Forever – It was whilst on our road trip to New England that we met kelli rae adams – ‘the artist is in’ at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art – Mass MoCA. We chatted to kelli (yes – she signs herself with lower case initials) about her amazing work on display at Mass MoCA. Amongst all the works at this establishment this one stood out far and above as the best. The best because it was actually speaking to us in a coherent and sensible way in an understandable form. This is what art should be all about. Meaningful communication with the viewer, whatever the message is, whatever the subject matter of the work is. This work highlighted the student loan debt problem in the USA. It totals 1.8 trillion dollars, with more than 45 million … Continue reading Mass MoCA Debt Forever

Mass MoCA

Mass MoCA -Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art We visited this place during our May 2024 road trip to New England. Just shows you what can be done to an old redundant building. This place was once a huge mill employing hundreds of people. The trade went elsewhere – the Far East I think, as with many textile industries, leaving this building totally useless. That is until the art establishment moved in and made it a fantastic venue for contemporary art. Wandering round the galleries was an experience. Much of the artwork captured the imagination and was good to enjoy. Some of the artwork was questionable and maybe placed there to get the ‘right tick in the box’. I’ll not go into detail, that would be for the viewer to make their own mind up. And that is the secret and … Continue reading Mass MoCA

Street-Art for the People

It was a sunny afternoon in Brockenhurst in April 2024. People were out and about the streets, the roads were busy with tourists, the ponies were enjoying the spring growth of grass. All was well in the world. Meanwhile, in the depths of the local village hall, something surreptitious was happening. The lights were dimmed, the blinds drawn, the coffee flowing – I was giving an illustrated talk on Street Art: Street-Art for the People. Later that evening, a large group of people thoroughly enjoyed using their creative imagination practically exploring with paint and brushes, how street art could improve their personal environment at home and in the town. The results were amazing. Back to my talk, it covered: Street art – What is it? Historical background-how it came about and developed. How it spread across the world Principal artists … Continue reading Street-Art for the People

Vincent’s Starry Night

Vincent’s Starry Night: Sip some wine whilst you paint and have enjoyable fun recreating your own version of Vincent’s Starry Night or simply copying his masterpiece. We’ll start with a quick chat about the background to the work – how he created it, what paints he used and what brushes. Then off we go. The choice is yours: freestyle, using a template, a grid or simply paint in the line drawings with your own colour choices. Easy to follow instructions and guidance, suitable for all skill levels. Whatever method you choose, by the end of the evening you’ll have your own masterpiece to take home. All materials are supplied. You might want to bring your own protective gear e.g. an old apron or shirt. Whether you are an artist, a beginner, an improver or just like to enjoy painting for … Continue reading Vincent’s Starry Night