Tate St Ives Okie Pieski

Currently on exhibition at the Tate St Ives is the Sami, Finnish artist Okie Pieski. Tate St Ives Okie Pieski Outi Pieski (born 1973) is a Sámi visual artist from Finland whose paintings, collages and installations employ traditional handicrafts such as the tassels of Sámi shawls to depict the light and landscapes of the far north. In 2017, she was honoured with the Fine Arts Academy of Finland Award. Born in Helsinki in 1973, Outi Pieski is the daughter of a Sámi father and a Finnish mother. She was raised in Helsinki where she attended the Visual Arts School and the Academy of Fine Arts where she graduated in 2000. She also studied at the Sámi Education Institute in Inari. Her paintings are frequently framed with the tassels of traditional Sámi shawls. She has also employed yarn, branches and ornamental quilts to enhance her works. She has recently sought to emphasize light … Continue reading Tate St Ives Okie Pieski

Dimbola Isle of Wight

Dimbola was the home of the celebrated Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron at Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight. Dimbola Isle of Wight This a a view from the cafe looking out over Freshwater Bay Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879) was a British photographer known for her pioneering work in the field of photography during the 19th century. She is best known for her portraits of celebrities and famous figures of her time, as well as her artistic and highly dramatic style of photography. Cameron began her photography career in her late 40s after receiving a camera as a gift from her daughter. She quickly developed her own unique style of portraiture, characterized by soft focus, close cropping, and intricate lighting. Her images often featured allegorical and literary themes, creating a sense of drama and emotion in her work. Cameron’s most famous … Continue reading Dimbola Isle of Wight

Monuments Day Treasures and Theft

Two of the most revered works of art in the world are the Ghent Altarpiece and the Bruges Madonna. Monuments Day Treasures and Theft What are these pieces? Who created them? Why are they so important? What are the stories they are telling? What is their history? Discover one of the greatest treasure hunts of the art world. Brockenhurst Village Hall. Tuesday 14 November 2023. 1.30 – 5.00 It’s a fascinating story of human endeavour and passion…and art. We’ll be exploring their creation, the stories within them, those working behind the scenes as well as those who made it all possible. We’ll see how they survived over the centuries, in particular their looting by the Nazis and the incredible tale of their recovery, as depicted in George Clooney’s ‘Monuments Men’ movie. If you’ve not seen it, even if you have, … Continue reading Monuments Day Treasures and Theft

Dambusters Bomber Command

These stunning silhouette sculptures are a new installation at the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln. (https://internationalbcc.co.uk/about-ibcc/) Dambusters Bomber Command WWII Bomber Command has attracted much debate over the years primarily as a result of the mass bombing of German cities such as Dresden in 1945. It is therefore pertinent to consider one’s own opinion about this aspect of history and it is not for me to influence in any way. However, considering the participants in the whole story, the victims, heroes, villains, destruction, human endeavour, bravery of those caught up in the storm Axis, Allies, military, civilians … everybody, the personal cost is primarily worth a mention. The Allied aircrew who flew in Bomber Command comprised of around 120,000 personnel. Of every 100, 45 were killed, 6 seriously wounded, 8 prisoners of war, leaving just 45 unscathed. 55573 were … Continue reading Dambusters Bomber Command

King Arthur & William Morris

Don’t we all love the stuff of myth and legend? Certainly did King Arthur & William Morris. Fantastic exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall. The stunning highlight of this exhibition was a series of tapestries created by William Morris and Edward Byrne-Jones now owned by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and kindly loaned to Falmouth for this exhibition. The ‘Quest for the Holy Grail‘ Tapestries … King Arthur & William Morris Nothing surpasses all the tales and stories than that of King Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table. And look at the tale of The Lady of Shallot. Confined in a tower and only allowed to look outside through a mirror. Then she sports Lancelot … here’s the story … King Arthur rests peace supposedly in Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon. An area super rich in … Continue reading King Arthur & William Morris

Lamorna Cove Penlee House Cornwall

Lamorna Cove Penlee House Cornwall Penlee House Museum and Gallery Penzance Cornwall – an exhibition of the Lamorna Cove artists. Lamorna Cove Cornwall became one of the hottest artists’ colonies in the early 20th Century. Frank Gascoigne Heath (1873-1936) built a house in the valley, served in WWI and invalided out with what we’d now call PTSD. Laura Knight DBE RA (1877-1970) … and her husband Harold RA (1873-1953) William Norman Garstin Cox ARWA (1892-1933), Denys Law (1907-1981), Samuel John ‘Lamorna’ Birch RA RWS (1869-1955) Now many of the artist are forgotten and their place taken by the more avant-garde known artists such as Ben Nicholson, Alfred Wallis and of course Barbara Hepworth. Lamorna Cove was a bohemian hedonistic set up and what a place for such a life style. Dame Laura Knight summed it up brilliantly: ‘It was worth … Continue reading Lamorna Cove Penlee House Cornwall

Henry Moore – An Inspiration

Visiting the Henry Moore Foundation is an inspiration and something we’d been promising to do for years. The day arrived and it was one of those brilliantly late summer sunny days. Henry Moore – An Inspiration So impressive is this place that the visit will remain in our memories for many a day. The buildings, the café, the entry and above all the staff were brilliant. Entering thorough the visitor centre the grounds are laid out in their vast acreage as an awe-inspiring sight. Dramatically dotted about are Moore’s sculptures that can even be touched (but no hard materials on the plinths of course – apologies for Clarence but he’s only soft wood!) Strolling through the grounds one can view the sculptures from many different angles and distances. Of particular merit is the sculpture on top of one of the … Continue reading Henry Moore – An Inspiration

Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Now this is something to take notice of. Van Gogh Immersive Experience. A high quality art experience using the well known and loved Van Gogh images and story together with the latest technology. Sunflower, wheat fields, landscapes, Irises, his accommodation in Arles, the crows etc etc it’s all here in picture format as well as huge moving panoramas, image projections and VR (with a little AR I think). What would Vincent have thought of it? Part of me thinks approval that his works have become so popular and enjoyed by so many, whilst the other part of me thinks, where is his privacy? That’s the enduring enigma of Van Gogh. However, all that apart, the Beckett family visited The Van Gogh Immersive Experience on Sunday June 19th 2023 and we were all totally amazed and even awed at the very … Continue reading Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Mining Art Gallery, Bishop Aukland

An explosion of mining art – that is the way this gallery mentions the fantastic development of art in the region by local miners. This gallery is a beautifully refurbished building in the middle of the town. The exterior and particularly the interior are worthy of awards for the design and ambience lending to a superb venue to display these unique works of art on its walls. This gallery of course specialises in works of art produced by miners from the local community… Norman Cornish Brian Brown Tom McGuiness Robert Heslop and William Hindmarsh … amongst others. Sparing no sensitivities, the works illustrate the fears, dangers and uncertainties of the mining occupations. They also display the camaraderie, social cohesion, community spirt obviously most positively strong in the area. A fact necessary against the adversity of the type of employment where … Continue reading Mining Art Gallery, Bishop Aukland

Sonia Boyce Turner Contemporary

Sonia Boyce Turner Contemporary Margate Turner Contemporary You have to let the power of this work inculcate into your senses. It’s an ‘immersive installation’ – allow yourself to be immersed! At first it just seems to be random videos of female singers alongside wallpapering of faces and patterns, but talk to the curators, read the guidelines, think and work at what you’ve now learned and let the works, work on you and the exhibition speaks volumes. What performed best for me was the gold boxes supporting the CD cases: iron pyrites, fools’ gold contrasting with the real gold of the black female artists’ genuine works. But what do we see first? What are we in danger of mistakenly holding up as more valuable? With contemporary art, you have work at it. The interpretation is not done for you, the image … Continue reading Sonia Boyce Turner Contemporary