Gethesemine & Good Friday Caravaggio & Sebastiano

Gethesemine Good Friday Caravaggio Sebastiano

Dramatic events 2000 years ago. Gethesemine Good Friday Caravaggio Sebastiano

Whatever your religious convictions there’s still a message here for us all.

Read how the artists Caravaggio …

Gethesemini and Good Friday Caravaggio and Sebastiano

Caravaggio ‘The Taking of Christ’

A dramatic episode in the Bible now vividly brought to life by Caravaggio’s depiction of intense movement snapped in time, flowing robes contrasted with steel armour, twisted bodies, flailing arms, clasping hands, strained necks and eyes staring, closed, defeated sadness, aggression and total involvement in the action. So far so good.

Now look at the lighting. We know that Jesus was betrayed and arrested at night in Gethsemane. So, Caravaggio’s scene is set at night, there’s no background lighting. The blackness is intense. There’s no other scenery or settings. It brings the picture forward to us, spilling into your view. Now look closely at the source of lighting on the figures. Where is it coming from? Certainly, not just the self-portrait of Caravaggio’s lamp.

and Sebastiano …

Gethesemine Good Friday Caravaggio Sebastiano
Sebastiano del Piombo ‘Christ Carrying the Cross’

Compositionally, Sebastiano has created open form, to invite us in as part of the story as witness. The light sources and postures are true and recognisable, the colours dynamic,  and perspective give a rigid and realistic structure. 

Sebastiano at London’s National Gallery

… depicted the story of Jesus Christ’s betrayal and crucifixion.

Gethesemine Good Friday Caravaggio Sebastiano