Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall – You’ve got to make the effort to see this exhibition.

Artists Afloat

Henry Scott Tuke and Charles Napier Hemy were well known and successful artists in late Victorian times, based in and around Falmouth Cornwall UK . Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall contains many of their works.


I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some of the artists’ ‘golden sections’ and superimposing on my snaps of the area. This is to place the paintings within their original context to ‘bring them alive’ to our contemporary gaze. To stand (or float) where the artists were, to gain some feel of empathy, of communication across the years.

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall
Charles Napier Hemy ‘Crabbers’ Bait’

Atmospheric, daunting, exciting, fearful, man against, exploiting, enjoying and working with the elements: depicting the sea and those who lived by it and worked on it: mariners, fisher-people, dock workers.

Times were hard. Feel for those depicted, be invited in … how would you have made out?

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall
Charles Napier Hemy ‘Pilchards’

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall

Falmouth was at the end of being one of the most important ports in the UK: it was the first main landfalls from the British Empire.

It was from here that the Falmouth packets delivered post across the world. It was here that the news of Nelson’s victory and death at Trafalgar was first heard – relaying the news to London.

An important import and export town.

Many of the original buildings remain and with a little imagination the visitor can be conveyed back through time. And then of course enjoy many of the modern amenities the town has to offer.

Henry Scott Tuke ‘On Tow’

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall

Falmouth Art Gallery was built in late Victorian times and this contains some amazing pictures from those times and through to modern contemporary art for instance Kurt Jackson.

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall
‘Our Jack’ Henry Scott Tuke

Matching the art gallery is the Falmouth Maritime Museum. A great example of modern architecture, design and display.

Captain William Bligh and Fletcher Christian

Here until early next year is a fascinating exhibition of Captain William Bligh, Fletcher Christian: Mutiny on the Bounty.

Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall
Maritime Museum Exhibition Falmouth

A story of heroism and determination against the odds.