Bob Ross BBC Covid

One of the few benefits of the experience of Covid-19 lockdown and home confinement, is the opportunity to learn new things, develop new skills and find new techniques. Bob Ross BBC Covid One of the few benefits of the experience of Covid-19 lockdown and home confinement, is the opportunity to learn new things, develop new skills and find new techniques. Bob Ross BBC Covid This has been my experience with watching and following the American artist Bob Ross on BBC 2 most evenings of the week. His style is simple and straightforward but not as easy as he makes it appear of course. That is the usual case with these things. But with some perseverance and patience, some semblance of how he creates his paintings can shine through. I’ve used acrylics rather than oils. Far less expensive and I find … Continue reading Bob Ross BBC Covid

A taste of the salty sea

A taste of the salty sea is a video pulled together for a course I’m running in the New Forest on ‘Perspective’. A little light relief from the constraints we’re living through to combat the  Coronavirus so adversely affecting our well-being. The course is looking at many famous artists’ use of perspective following a brief tour exploring how the style and technique developed. From earlier times through to modern art, perspective has enabled the most primitive works to come alive and produce wonderful 3D images on the plain 2D surface of paper and canvas. How artists enjoyed using linear perspective and aerial perspective for their sea scenes is exampled in this video.   A taste of the salty sea Art-Tales is a magazine blog site following the journeys and reflections through the art world of artist, sketcher, art historian and … Continue reading A taste of the salty sea

English Romanticism a Taste

English Romanticism a Taste: William Wordsworth, William Blake, Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley together with John Constable, JHM Turner: these are considered the principle proponents of the English Romantic movement in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. The following video is a simple and brief selection of works by Constable and Turner primarily devised for my course on perspective – how these 2 artists chose the perspective techniques they did and how such were employed. English Romanticism a Taste The Industrial Revolution: images of dark satanic mills, pollution, dirt, grime, exploitation, vast numbers of people leaving the countryside for opportunities in the towns and cities. Slums, overcrowding, high mortality rates especially amongst children. The growth of corporations and of course industry. The rich and the poor. The Enlightenment: development of science, downplaying of religion as having all … Continue reading English Romanticism a Taste

Dutch Golden Age

The Dutch Golden Age The Dutch Golden Age saw religious and civic freedoms returned to a formerly oppressed population allowing a unique development in the arts. In brief: In 1568, the Dutch began their rebellion against Phillip II’s Spanish rule of The Netherlands. Seven Dutch provinces joined together and formed the Union of Utrecht. This led to the 80 Years War. In 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia, the war ended. This saw the conclusion of the Spanish occupation of The Netherlands, consequently the removal of the Spanish Empire’s imposition of the Catholic Church’s Counter Reformation with its Inquisition, slaughtering, and economic sanctions and the birth of modern commerce, joint stock companies and trade. Along with this Protestant church’s influence allowed greater freedom of movement and self-expression, including in the arts. The Protestant work ethic and Calvinism also resulted in … Continue reading Dutch Golden Age

St Ives Cornwall Wallis Perspective

Art for self expression Art for self-expression. Painting for its company, for something to do when alone or with others. Creating something from nothing for pure self-actualisation. St Ives Cornwall Wallis Perspective To achieve these things, it does not matter whether the painter is talented or not; skilled with the brush, colour and line or simply daubing for the fun of it. It is the personal fulfilment that matters. To be able to stand back from a work, smile and say, ‘I did that’. The avant-garde art scene in the 1920s and 30s, was struggling for new uniqueness following the strides made in earlier decades. Modern Art and Modernism it could be argued had reached its peak with the Impressionists, Post Impressionists and through to Picasso, the German Expressionists, Abstract and Fauvist movements. In the UK, the avant-garde was represented … Continue reading St Ives Cornwall Wallis Perspective

Newlyn School Penzance Cornwall

It is my contention that one of the fundamental roles of art is to reflect and reveal, consider and interpret the social-economic situation of its particular circumstances. Impressively exhibited @PenleeHouse Cornwall. Newlyn School Penzance Cornwall A gem of an art gallery and museum. Penlee House largely features artists of the late 19th Century who settled in Cornwall to seek fame and fortune from their art and indeed – the Cornish light. Newlyn became one of the foremost coastal art colonies in Europe. Just before the second Covid-19 lockdown in November, we were able to treat ourselves to a viewing of Penlee House’s latest exhibition ‘Newlyn School Interiors’. Newlyn School being the art school established by a group of artists in the 1880s attracted by the dramatic, emotional, scenic life of the fishing community as well as the unique Cornish light. … Continue reading Newlyn School Penzance Cornwall

Covid: Response Newlyn Cornwall

Covid: Response Newlyn Cornwall During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange in Cornwall, @newlynexchange invited all people from any location, via social media, to share their thoughts, emotions and experiences in any medium they wished on sheets of A5 card and send them to the gallery for exhibition. Covid: Response Newlyn Cornwall.                     Extraordinary Postcards for Extraordinary Times Home interiors and exteriors, landscape scenes, animals and birds, flowers and trees, abstract and figurative, comic and serious. Depictions of the present the past and hopes of the future. Paintings, drawings, photographs, cut-outs, pen and ink. Some showing artistic skill but most the result of enthusiastic but not necessarily talented hands. It didn’t matter, in fact the more basic the more powerful it seemed. The works were thoughtful, spontaneous, simple … Continue reading Covid: Response Newlyn Cornwall

Haegue Yang Tate St Ives

Haegue Yang  Tate St Ives – Strange Attractions I must confess that I didn’t understand the explanations and hence entered the gallery with a degree of scepticism, but this immediately changed with a challenge to my mindset. @tate This was one day before England’s second Covid-19 lockdown and the galleries at Tate St Ives were full of carefully social distancing viewers. The Tate staff coped extremely well with difficult circumstances, full credit to them especially with some of those people who were becoming frustrated and annoyed at the curtailment of individual liberties for the good of all. Haegue Yang’s exhibition was visually stunning. Monumental in places, richly colourful with dramatic construction, through to subtle and more gentle approaches. Yang employs a multitude of vastly differing materials from CLS to straw, metal and wall-paper. So what is the message of the … Continue reading Haegue Yang Tate St Ives

V&A Dundee Design Museum

V&A Dundee Design Museum Captain Scott’s ship ‘Discovery’ is well placed alongside the V&A Dundee design museum. Visiting this place is a voyage of discovery indeed. @V&ADundee The V&A Dundee Design Museum is an opportunity to indulge in one of Scotland’s outstanding talents, that of design. Clothes, buildings, rooms, engineering, ships, lighting, paper, even weapons. The list is endless of displays and artefacts here demonstrating the genius of the designers’ creative works resulting from the most impressive imaginative concepts, boldness and experimentation. The highlight is the Scottish Design Gallery However, the principle gem for me was the outstandingly recreated Charles Rennie MacKintosh room. But then I am an unashamed fan of his, even to the extent of copying some of his works for my house. It was a Sunday, it was exactly at the time of the height of the … Continue reading V&A Dundee Design Museum

Perth Museum Art Gallery Scotland

Perth Museum Art Gallery Scotland It was a positively uplifting experience to visit Perth Art Gallery Museum Scotland during this peculiar time of the Covid-19 virus. @CPKMuseums       Perth Museum Art Gallery Scotland Admittedly it was a Sunday morning towards the end of September and it was to be expected, quiet. Yet a silver lining as it meant we could take our time and really study the works on display without any hurry, jostling or stretching over other’s shoulders. And away from the merry-go-round and crush of the London, Glasgow and Edinburgh galleries, and so we discovered this place to be a gem, as were the works invitingly drawing us in to view almost intimately. And the warmly welcoming staff couldn’t have tried harder to make us very welcome. Two principle displays: from the Perth Gallery’s permanent collection: … Continue reading Perth Museum Art Gallery Scotland