Messums Wiltshire Kurt Jackson

Kurt Jackson, champion of the environment. Land and seascape paintings – lower league subject matter until recently, now of course at the forefront of every thinking person’s mind. @Messumsthebarn Messums Wiltshire Kurt Jackson

Kurt Jackson
Messums Wiltshire
Kurt Jackson

Sometimes it’s a relief to explore away from the dominating metropolitan and particularly London-centric carousel of dramatic show-biz exhibitions featuring the big well-known artists. The monuments of the art world. The familiar furniture of our cultural every-day life.

Messums Wiltshire
Compare this with Monet’s ‘Waterlilies’. Kurt Jackson hits the spot

Such relief can often be found in our rich treasury of regional galleries and museums.

At Messums Wiltshire I just managed to catch the last few days of an exhibition by the Cornish artist Kurt Jackson.

I have followed Kurt’s work for several years now and have some of his works. Each display reflects his exponential growth in the mastery of his style and oeuvre.

A committed environmentalist, his love of nature, the countryside and seascapes and all that live within them is inspirational and beautiful to behold.

Messums Wiltshire

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