Majesty of Iceland in Art

Visiting Iceland is always a joy, especially when visiting its outstanding galleries of art and museums. … Majesty of Iceland in Art

The National Gallery of Iceland is an excellent case in point. This gallery prides itself on exhibiting traditional works through to modern contemporary and conceptual art.

In this article I’m going to simply take a wander through an exhibition I visited recently that looked at requisitions from a local business person and collector Ragnar Jonsson who was most interested in art works depicting the emerging independent state of Iceland.

So let’s take a wander …

Porvaldur Skulason 1906-1984. The Kitchen Table
Johann Briem 1907-1991 Horses on a Green Slope
Asgrimur Jonsson 1876-1958 From Borgurfirdi
Asgrimur Jonsson Ur Husafellsskogi
Asgrimur Jonsson Ur Borgarfirdi
Asgrimur Jonsson Silfra a Pingvollum
Jon Stepansson 1881-1962 Hallmundarhraum
Majesty of Iceland in Art
Johannes S. Kjarval 1885-1972 Mountain Milk 1941
Majesty of Iceland in Art
Johannes S. Kjarval Pingvellir Parl 1960-62

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Majesty of Iceland in Art