Covid – Artists’ Response – New Forest

Covid – Artists’ Response – New Forest : A unique exhibition at Brockenhurst Village Hall, New Forest, Hampshire. The theme being ‘your experiences, thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, routines, inspirations etc during this Covid-19 saga’.

The idea was for people to compile a little drawing, paint a small picture, crochet, embroider, photo, sculpt a small item, use a piece of the Forest – in fact any medium they liked in order to convey their thoughts, fears, frustrations and exasperations, hopes and desires during the Covid-19 lockdowns. It was emphasised very much indeed that the exhibition was not looking for masterpieces, in fact the simpler the better.: 

The aim was to give folk something positive to think about during those difficult times. Something a little creative and enjoyable. A contribution to community well-being and indeed, a contribution to bringing people together in its own little way. 

the exhibition also featured a sight and sound art work by New Forest Sounds

Covid – Artists’ Response – New Forest

45 local artists submitted 150 works ranging from paintings, poetry, sculpture to cartoons and photographs.

The event was opened by the internationally acclaimed opera singer Colin Judson who treated guests to several opera arias and some more fun songs. The village hall was packed with a most eager audience. Encores were demanded and met. A terrifically welcome break after 16 months of lockdowns.

Covid – Artists’ Response – New Forest

New Forest Evening time
Scruffy studio but it works
New Forest Time for a Drink

This event was brought about by considering the needs of the local community whilst in Covid-19 lockdown. Many people in isolation, lonely and distressed. A distraction was needed and this was supplied in part by this event.