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The Jackson Pollock ‘Blind Spots’ Exhibition

Jackson Pollock Painting Process

A visit well worth making is the Jackson Pollock ‘Blind Spots’ Exhibition at The Liverpool Tate. The gallery itself is an impressive refurbishment from a conventional Victorian warehouse from Liverpool’s dockland past. Surrounded by trendy eateries and gift shops, the gallery is neighboured by the spanking new Museum of Liverpool building and of course the ubiquitous Mersey Ferry now splendidly ‘dazzled’ by Sir Peter Hall with resonances of Sergeant Peppers and the Yellow Submarine. The Pollock exhibition contains many of his works from his late period, intermixed with his more familiar works such as ‘Number 9A Summertime’ on loan from Tate Modern London. It takes time and patience to absorb the works on display, to enter into Pollock’s mind-set and become involved in what he was trying to achieve. Of central consideration is the message of his emphasis of deliberate … Continue reading The Jackson Pollock ‘Blind Spots’ Exhibition