St Emilion a heart of Bordeaux wine UNESCO

St Emilion UNESCO a heart of Bordeaux wine.

St Emilion UNESCO. In the heart of France’s Bordeaux wine region – St Emilion is to be found, along with Graves, Pomeral and Medoc. .

St Emilion UNESCO
St Emilion village square

St Emilion is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: apart from the fantastic wines, the village itself is a feature to behold.

One of life’s great pleasures is the imbibing of good wine. Not to be missed here.

Sitting in the spring sun it was wonderful to sample a little St Emilion Grande Cru exactly where the grapes are grown, harvested and processed into what must be a favourite of Bacchus.

St Emilion UNESCO
Ancient doorway

St Emilion a heart of Bordeaux wine and UNESCO