Salisbury Cathedral Close…

Salisbury Cathedral Close – a quiet corner away from the nerve scenario

Salisbury Cathedral Close

Salisbury Cathedral Close
Salisbury North Walk

Salisbury Cathedral Close. A quiet meander away from the tension at the scene of the nerve agent attach in March 2018.

This is a quick ‘urban sketch’ drawn on location and coloured back in the studio.

It just seemed a simple and pleasant thing to do away from the nerve agent scene and the usual traffic and hustle and bustle of this charming market town.

This is North Walk looking towards St. Anne’s Gate with the Cathedral to our right.

Salisbury Cathedral

A very historic location in which to muse on all the events that have happened here and the footsteps that proceeded mine.

Of course – as with this painting, Salisbury Cathedral was a prime location and subject for one of our favourite artists: John Constable.

Salisbury North Walk.