Bournemouth pier on a sunny day and #me_too

Bournemouth pier

Wednesday 25 April 2018 – the sun came out and stayed warm. Sitting by the sea in a strong wind and brushing off the sand from my drawing – Bournemouth pier.

Bournemouth Pier
Bournemouth Pier





Bournemouth Pier – as alive and vibrant as it has ever been.


Built originally in 1856, this present version is the result of a re-building project in 1946 following the pier’s demolition in WW2, with further restorations in 1976 and 1979.

This drawing was made under the cliff where the unique and charming Russell Coates Art Gallery and Museum is situated.

A step back in time to the Victorian era – rooms full of collections and artefacts, galleries stuffed with paintings that could only have been made during the Victorian times – I lost count of the number of naked or near naked nubile young females on display – as for instance this one …

Anno Domini 1883 Edwin Langsden Long 1829-1891
Anno Domini 1883
Edwin Langsden Long 1829-1891






… or this one …

The Chosen Five by Edwin Long RA
The Chosen Five by Edwin Long RA






How would such works be accepted today in the light of such movements as #me_too?

Personally I would say that these sort of Victorian images actually highlight the issue of unacceptable male power and domination over women and the female being simply to be harassed and lusted after. Assaulted even, in image form.

Soft pornography shielded behind the protective veil of religious or classical iconography and academicisim.

Bournemouth Pier.