RA Summer Exhibition

This is my son Oliver and my submission for the 2022 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

The theme called for was ‘climate’ and we thought we’d hit a winner with this work.

Unfortunately, not and we would really like to know why.

Taking a sheet of black card I painted the clouds, moon, and waves and undersea.

MDF formed the books which I painted the covers on.

The dollar yacht is a real US dollar.

The melting pages represent ice with the last book calving into the warm water. The pages were made with jesomite and folded up card was impressed into the wet jesomite to form the pages. Painted on top.

The sand at the seabed was taken from the New Forest Beaulieu Estate Park Shore beach (thank you Lord Montagu).

So – refused for the RA Summer Exhibition. We ought really to set up a ‘salon des refuses’ for those works we consider should have been selected but not.

Over to Etsy for prints and tea towels – what this space.

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

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