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It’s not a castle or chalet …

‘Here’s the house’ said Charles Rennie Mackintosh to Walter Blackie on completion of the house. ‘It is not an Italian villa, an English mansion House, a Swiss chalet or a Scotch castle. It is a dwelling house.’ #mackintosh150

George Bissell

Just love this story of hypocrisy : Fine to educate school boys to become warriors and miners but show them a woman’s ankle and that is forbidden indecent territory

All lives matter

Acknowledge the past and deal with it, don’t air-brush it aside. Nothing to be gained in that approach. The power of art to raise these issues.

Thomas Hardy’s Wessex

Excellent lecture today at Winchester Arts Society by Elizabeth Merry on the subject of: Wessex Explored: Thomas Hardy’s World through his work and the paintings of Henry Mole and Walter Tyndal. Brought Hardy’s work and world together brilliantly illustrated.@TheArtsSociety_

Laura Knight @PenleeHouse

Contending that women up against the patriarchal society? The power of art to open these questions, to make us think, to discover a more meaningful dialogue, a comment on societal prejudices, roles, and attitudes.

There must be a term for ‘digital art’. Maybe that’s it, or digitalised art or maybe even ‘e’ art. Whatever, David Hockney needs to be acknowledged for his brilliance at bringing fine art (I guess) to his audience through the media of electronic technology of the most modern kind.

Got to be seen: No holds barred here. Intelligent, sympathetic, emphatic, brutal, honest and most discomforting. Paula Rego, Tate Britain. @tate. Rego looks deeply into how women’s identities are shaped by patriarchal societies.

Rodin in the flesh @Tate Modern

The plaster works were of course used as originals for the final stage of bronze casting. Therefore, they are unfinished, hand marks can be discerned, fingerprints spotted, smudges and air bubbles detected. All these things bringing Rodin and his techniques and studio to within inches of the viewer. This typifies the beauty of this exhibition. You can see and feel Rodin at work.