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Modern Art & Modernism

Modern Art & Modernism – What’s it all about? This is the title of the 2 talks I am giving at Brockenhurst Village Hall on 6th and 13th June 2023. 1.00 to 2.30 pm We will start with Edouard Manet, considered the forefather of Modern Art and we will end with some examples of Street Art, particularly as seen in the UK (Banksy) and Valparaiso Chile. I’ve drawn up a very simple list of the major movements of Modern Art and Modernism ‘isms’: Impressionism Post impressionism Fauvism Cubism Futurism Vorticism Suprematism Expressionism Dadaism Bauhaus Surrealism Abstract Expressionism Existentialism Pop Art Conceptualism Post Modernism Street Art Internationalism Now that’s a lot of ‘isms’ and many of them require a lot of explanation and the audience’s understanding will need to be worked on. I’m going to start off by looking at Michelangelo’s … Continue reading Modern Art & Modernism

Mining Art Gallery, Bishop Aukland

An explosion of mining art – that is the way this gallery mentions the fantastic development of art in the region by local miners. This gallery is a beautifully refurbished building in the middle of the town. The exterior and particularly the interior are worthy of awards for the design and ambience lending to a superb venue to display these unique works of art on its walls. This gallery of course specialises in works of art produced by miners from the local community… Norman Cornish Brian Brown Tom McGuiness Robert Heslop and William Hindmarsh … amongst others. Sparing no sensitivities, the works illustrate the fears, dangers and uncertainties of the mining occupations. They also display the camaraderie, social cohesion, community spirt obviously most positively strong in the area. A fact necessary against the adversity of the type of employment where … Continue reading Mining Art Gallery, Bishop Aukland

Stroll with Constable and Turner

A stroll through the English Countryside: Stroll with Constable and Turner I’ve given several talks at Brockenhurst Village Hall on a number of art interests. We’ve looked at ‘perspective’, ‘what is the point of art’, ‘women in art’ and now by popular demand we’ll be looking at the English landscape in paintings. We’ll be strolling in the company of Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable, JMW Turner, Eric Ravilious, Laura Knight and Paul Nash. Included will also be some of the works of Heywood Sumner who resided in the New Forest at the beginning of the 20th century and produced some of the most enigmatic paintings of this unique part of England. I’ll be looking at the artists and their background and influences, their pictures – composition, colours and Fibonacci formulas (there’s a challenge). We’ll be setting many of the pictures against … Continue reading Stroll with Constable and Turner

Vacant space occupied in idyllic landscape

So, it is with sculpture occupying idyllic landscape. It adds considerable enhancement. It gives us something to think about, to consider, to contemplate, to form an opinion on, to seek further reference, to compare and contrast, to add to our body of experience and knowledge. Where would we be without sculpture?