Monuments Day Advanced Notice

Tuesday 14th November 1.30 to 5.00 pm (includes a film) Monuments Day Advanced Notice

Brockenhurst Village Hall

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One of the most revered works of art in the world is the Ghent Altarpiece.

One of the most revered works of art in the world is the Ghent Altarpiece.

Discover one of the greatest treasure hunts of the art world.

It’s a fascinating story of human endeavour and passion…and art.

We’ll be exploring its creation, the stories within it, those working behind the scenes as well as those who made it all possible.

We’ll see how it survived for 6 centuries, in particular its looting by the Nazis and the incredible tale of its recovery, as depicted in George Clooney’s ‘Monuments Men’ movie.

If you’ve not seen it, even if you have, the movie is well worth a viewing, which will be part of the afternoon (1 hour 50 mins), following our talk and with breaks! Refreshments will be available.

Monuments Day Advanced Notice

All for a Donation of £5 for the Hall

Sit back and have a thrilling afternoon!

Monuments Day Advanced Notice

Art tales is designed to encourage people to enjoy the arts – for start, to become more involved and for greater fulfilment. It is all about enjoyment, nourishment, a deeper understanding of works and primarily an examination of values. What do I see in that? What is it saying to me? What questions does it raise in my mind? Why? What is it saying about me?

It is also about the social, political and economic histories behind works as well as religious beliefs and convictions. So art works as stand alone or as seen, viewed and maybe judged within the context of their times and also maybe against our contemporary times and how we view things.

I am an art historian, I do a little painting and drawing, but not as much as I would wish but that’s my determination. In recent years I have given talks locally on a range of art matters as well as art practice classes.