David Hockney iPad in Spring

David Hockney ‘The Arrival of Spring, Normandy 2020’. David Hockney iPad in Spring

Photos not allowed in the exhibition, so the following were taken in the shop. This is the catalogue cover

At the beginning of the pandemic hitting Europe in early 2020, David Hockney travelled with his iPad to Normandy France and there, whilst stuck because of travel restrictions, he created on his iPad many wonderful images.

There must be a term for ‘digital art’. Maybe that’s it, or digitalised art or maybe even ‘e’ art. Whatever, David Hockney needs to be acknowledged for his brilliance at bringing fine art (I guess) to his audience through the media of electronic technology of the most modern kind.

Few other artists would or could do this. Few would have the temerity, the reputation, the confidence to get away with it. It’s only the likes of such secure artists as Hockney who would be acknowledged by such institutions as the Royal Academy as producing ‘fine art’ on an iPad. ‘My child could do that’ ‘I could do that’, well why not? Have a go. Hockney has led the way in making digital art into an art-form.


Naive, primitive? These are some art-historical terms that could be applied, but I much prefer ‘digital art’. It’s 21st Century, where it fits neatly.

It works. Look from afar and the works’ marks, strokes etc blend perfectly. Look up closely and you can see every dot, dab and line merging together to give the overall impression he aspired to.


A little like an oil painting in its early stages, digital art can keep being returned to, for enhancing, adjusting, deleting, adding to, changing the colour, the shapes the perspective even. Exciting and innovative.

Unique creativity using the most modern medium and technologies. A great combination producing the most pleasing results.

I must get an iPad.

David Hockney iPad in Spring