Christmas Selfies Recording History

Christmas Selfies Recording History

It could now be considered a work of art. For 42 years Richard and Anna Wagner took a Christmas portrait of themselves in their apartment in Berlin : Christmas Selfies Recording History

Christmas Selfies Recording History

Look carefully and you can see a fantastic story of the changing times and lives. Affluence to austerity. Peace to wartime. Look at their Christmas presents – household goods for her, ‘man’s stuff’ for him. Look at the spreads on the table, how times and circumstances affected the fare. The style of clothes for both of them dramatically shows how couture changed. Warmth in 1915, cold in 1917 – we all know what was going on.

Same net curtains for many years, a little change of wall-paper. 1942 – just 3 years before the Russians came.

The photographs were recently discovered and are now safely housed in a museum in Berlin.

A very telling story of one’s couple’s journey through life during a dramatic half century in a country and town that saw it’s fair share of that drama.

Christmas Selfies Recording History

Source: There are several articles online about this story. The best I’ve found is from ‘The Atlantic’


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