Roaming the art world – Al Beckett

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Alan Beckett Art History Critic
Roaming the art world – Al Beckett

Roaming the art world – Al Beckett – You don’t need to be a ‘stuffy intellectual’ or an ‘elitist snob’ to appreciate the deeper levels offered by art history.

The insights and complexities offered by art can be enjoyed by anyone with a thirst for visual beauty and artistic expression.

Al W Beckett is the author of ‘The Primacy of Your Eye’. This is his approachable art history book that shows you how to becoming more intimate with the art you love.

As a practising artist, illustrator and sculptor with an Honours Degree in Arts History, Al has developed a well respected role as an art history critic.

Al’s past experiences in art history.

Botticelli venus art historyAl has previously enjoyed being a tutor in art history and painting. He is extensively read in arts history and enjoys researching the impact of art on society and on the individual. Al’s speciality historical art areas are The Renaissance and the British Victorian era.

Al is an active member of the Arts Society. Through various courses at the Royal Academy of Arts he has greatly enhanced his skills as an art history critic.

About the Art History Book ‘The Primacy of Your Eye’.

James Cook by Nathanial Dance - Art HistoryThis accessible book provides a broad sweep of art through history, including critiques of technique, style and influence. There is sufficient depth to provide readers with a real and meaningful knowledge of the subject of art history.

What it is, in essence, is a unique and beautifully illustrated handbook for all art history lovers. Those who enjoy the opportunity to commune at a deeper level with the paintings they love.

Narrated by the author, topics are covered in depth in order to open readers’ eyes to the history of art. This includes artists’ intentions, their approaches and their techniques. Further references are made to style and influence, from early Renaissance and Modernism, through to Contemporary Art. The book takes the reader on a journey covering aspects of the full enjoyment of art. It also offers an appreciation of the depth of art’s complexities. All this in a leisurely, non-intellectual and non-elitist way.

How do I know this art history book will appeal to me?

Art History Critic BookWith The Primacy of Your Eye, there is no need to wade through masses of text. The book provides readers with accessible points that enable them to become more involved with art and art history. This book contains a wealth of information on specific artists and their paintings, covering the last 600 years.

The Primacy of Your Eye can easily be picked up for a short flick-through if you wish, or simply read as a whole. It will appeal to readers with a passion for the wonderful history of art. Readers won’t need previous knowledge the history of art to benefit, just an enquiring mind and a passion for the visual. This book presents expert information in an approachable and easy-to-digest format.

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Roaming the art world – Al Beckett